Mission Statement

The Sharing Fund’s mission is to benefit, through fundraising events and other activities, selected community-based not-for-profit organizations that work to build strong communities in Missouri. The Sharing Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization.

This year, The Sharing Fund is proud to announce that proceeds from our Christmas party will be benefiting the St. Vincent Home for Children. We are excited for the opportunity to share with you some of the outstanding work they are doing in the community.

For over 165 years, the St. Vincent Home for Children has been helping struggling adolescents realize their full potential by providing critical resources like residential treatment, substance abuse treatment, and counseling – all free of charge. These resources are provided in a safe, caring, and judgement-free community that gives our St. Louis youth-in-need a place to feel loved and supported.

Over 50% of the 572 youths helped in 2017 came from households with income under $10,000. This is why it is so critical that St. Vincent’s services remain free for all troubled youths. Over the past three years, government funding has decreased by 25%, now covering only 54 cents for every dollar in service costs that St. Vincent incurs. Thanks to your generosity and support, St. Vincent can help every youth that is referred to them or comes to their door in need. Thank you for helping our St. Louis youth in crisis, and thank you for making our community stronger.